Kinara CSR

Kinara Capital commits to empowering women micro-entrepreneurs in India by dedicating our CSR funds towards livelihood generation opportunities.

Due to COVID-19, sustainable income opportunities are few and far between during this period. Kinara Capital CSR program is providing innovative funding to create multi-fold impact for women micro-entrepreneurs.

Kinara Capital is pledging our CSR funds towards COVID-19 Protection and Relief Prevention activities that provide livelihood income generation for women micro-entrepreneurs, and food relief for worker communities.

COVID-19 Prevention and Livelihood Generation for Women with SEWA

Kinara Capital is donating its CSR funds to SEWA (Self Employed Women’s Association) for income generation opportunities for 2000+ women micro-entrepreneurs, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

SEWA has set up a unique Working Capital Revolving Fund to provide Zero-Interest Rate Loans to its women co-operatives from Kinara Capital’s CSR contributions.

SEWA’s co-ops can increase their production capacities for products that aid in the prevention of COVID-19.

Lok Swasthya Mandali and Abodana Mandali are two SEWA women co-operatives that are now creating low-cost and eco-friendly face masks and hand sanitizers for the prevention of COVID-19.

This project aligns with Sustainable Development Goals of Good Health & Wellbeing, Gender Equality and Decent Work & Economic Growth by the United Nations.

Income Generation
2125 women
Eco-Friendly Face Masks Generated
269,641 masks
Sanitizers with Natural Ingredients Produced
12,750 litres

Soaps Produced
16,000 pieces

COVID-19 Food Relief for Workers with Akshaya Patra Foundation

The COVID-19 crisis disproportionately affects daily wage earners who struggle to make ends meet during these times. Kinara Capital provided contributions from employees and a portion of its CSR funds to Akshaya Patra to provide 30,000 hot meals to daily wage worker communities in India.

This project aligns with Sustainable Development Goals of Zero Hunger and Good Health & Wellbeing by the United Nations.

Here is a link to our CSR Policy.

Our CSR Committee


Ravindra Pisharody


Hardika Shah


Rahil Rangwala


Kinara Capital CSR FY 2020-21

Our CSR projects continue to focus on empowering women micro-entrepreneurs that are creating a powerful impact in the communities. For FY20-21, we will be strengthening our existing model and impact with SEWA Federation by revitalizing the Trupti Nashta Co-op through a zero interest working capital loan program. This year, we have also partnered with Children of India (CIF) to provide micro-entrepreneurial vocational training, support and startup capital to many disadvantaged young women in Karnataka who are victims of the exploitative Devadasi tradition.