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Kinara CSR

Kinara Capital commits to empowering women micro-entrepreneurs in India by dedicating our CSR funds towards livelihood generation opportunities.

Due to COVID-19, sustainable income opportunities are few and far between during this period. Kinara Capital CSR program is providing innovative funding to create multi-fold impact for women micro-entrepreneurs.

Kinara Capital is pledging our CSR funds towards COVID-19 Protection and Relief Prevention activities that provide livelihood income generation for women micro-entrepreneurs, and food relief for worker communities.

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COVID-19 Prevention and Livelihood Generation for Women with SEWA

Kinara Capital is donating its CSR funds to SEWA (Self Employed Women’s Association) for income generation opportunities for 2000+ women micro-entrepreneurs, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

SEWA has set up a unique Working Capital Revolving Fund to provide Zero-Interest Rate Loans to its women co-operatives from Kinara Capital’s CSR contributions.

SEWA’s co-ops can increase their production capacities for products that aid in the prevention of COVID-19.

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Lok Swasthya Mandali and Abodana Mandali are two SEWA women co-operatives that are now creating low-cost and eco-friendly face masks and hand sanitizers for the prevention of COVID-19.

This project aligns with Sustainable Development Goals of Good Health & Wellbeing, Gender Equality and Decent Work & Economic Growth by the United Nations.

Income Generation
2125 women
Eco-Friendly Face Masks Generated
269,641 masks
Sanitizers with Natural Ingredients Produced
12,750 litres

Soaps Produced
16,000 pieces

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COVID-19 Food Relief for Workers with Akshaya Patra Foundation

The COVID-19 crisis disproportionately affects daily wage earners who struggle to make ends meet during these times. Kinara Capital provided contributions from employees and a portion of its CSR funds to Akshaya Patra to provide 30,000 hot meals to daily wage worker communities in India.

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This project aligns with Sustainable Development Goals of Zero Hunger and Good Health & Wellbeing by the United Nations.

Here is a link to our CSR Policy.