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  • ET Now | January 17, 2021

    Leaders Of Tomorrow Season 9

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  • Edx Live | January 5, 2021

    The VidyaGyan story: This UP school hand-picks meritorious, underprivileged kids to place them on the track to success

    Being from the founding batch of VidyaGyan, I still remember how hesitant I used to feel when it came to talking in English. But teachers were like parents to me. We would campaign in nearby villages and conduct street plays to spread awareness about education and other social issues. I recently completed my MBA and now, I am aspiring to write the UPSC exam

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  • Your Story | December 28, 2020

    MSME Finance Week focuses on solutions to challenges around MSME financing

    Mention of Kinara Capital

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  • Inc42 | November 28, 2020

    Indian Startup Funding Of The Week [November 23-28]

    Mention of Kinara Capital

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  • Dun & Bradstreet | November 24, 2020

    Taking the Road Less Travelled when on a Safe Path

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  • Business Standard | November 13, 2020

    Emergency credit line 2.0 to help India Inc revive, expand

    "It is a positive measure. At Kinara Capital, we have disbursed nearly Rs. 30 crores so far under ECLGS. The post-lockdown ending, MSMEs are struggling with a liquidity crunch. ECLGS allows last-mile NBFCs like us to provide quick help to small businesses to stabilize and restart their business operations.”

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  • Yahoo Finance | October 28, 2020

    One Woman Army: Meet 7 Solo-Woman Entrepreneurs Who Raised the Largest Funding Amount in India

    Mention of Kinara Capital

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  • Financial Express | October 9, 2020

    RBI’s targeted long-term liquidity measures to ease borrowing cost for NBFCs: Industry

    "Previously, LTRO/TLTRO funds did not flow down to the lower-rated NBFCs...Specific and clear guidelines on eligibility and a separate carve-out for last-mile MSME-focused NBFCs will be the fastest way to economic recovery"

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  • ET CFO | September 21, 2020

    Kamath Report could be ‘problematic’ for lenders to follow as is, says Kinara Capital CFO

    Going forward, the committee can also provide more guidance to the lenders within this prescriptive framework. It can add more ratios depending on how the restructures will play out. It can add more sub sectors and release guidance specifically, which we are sure would evolve over a period of time.

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  • Your Story | September 17, 2020

    How CredAvenue’s platform enables co-lending to take place with ease

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  • ET Now | August 28, 2020

    Financing the Unfinanced

    “A lot of micro-sector entrepreneurs also face the challenge of the gender bias, in which the banks are not too keen on giving out loans to women-led enterprises.”

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  • Adgully | July 17, 2020

    Lockdown Lessons: Stay Connected, Stay Organised, Stay Focused: Khyati Shah

    This pandemic has shown us that there is no one reliable way to invest or protect yourself financially, one has to diversify and once again, the old adage of buying gold for a rainy day rings true at a time like this.

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  • SME Futures | June 27, 2020

    Can ever-resilient Indian MSMEs Overcome the high tide of Covid- 19 constraints?

    Entrepreneurs who can overcome the digital skill gap will see more opportunities coming to them. Boosting MSMEs has a direct and an immediate impact on boosting the local and national economy. In the years to come, a significant onus lies on government and public sector banks to support the MSME ecosystem by providing quick access to capital especially through MFIs and last-mile NBFCs.”

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  • Live Mint | June 26, 2020

    Lenders see small & medium businesses making a recovery soon

    Now that lockdown is over, 70-75% of micro enterprises are concerned about availability of raw material, and a bulk of these come from China.

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  • ET Panache | June 9, 2020

    Kinara Capital CEO dresses up for WFH, keeps a demarcated office space, attends multiple video calls to keep up with new normal.

    From a tech standpoint, the transition was seamless for all of us in the company. With over 100 branches in India and our head office in Bangalore, we were used to a decentralised mode of working. We were already on a cloud-based digital system so when Covid-19 emerged, we were ready to confidently move our entire operations of 1000+ employees to work remotely. Our first priority was to safeguard our customers and our employees so we had switched to Work from Home (WFH) mode even before the first Nationwide Lockdown was announced.

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  • IIFL | June 9, 2021 English

    The economic impact of COVID-19 pandemic is far greater than anything we will see because it came with a velocity that was unexpected.

    The real need of the hour is to figure out the best way for MSMEs to afloat & still come out on the other side with minimum impact. Most small business lack the liquidity to survive months of disruption to their business. This is where last mile NBFCs play an important role by providing timely access to capital to small business especially without property collateral.

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  • Business Standard | May 22, 2020

    RBI extends loan moratorium till Aug 31, silent on one-time restructuring

    “The moratorium could be effective if it is also extended to NBFCs. Clarity on this from the RBI is still lacking.”

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  • Rediff | May 22, 2020

    Normalcy returning for shadow lenders, albeit slowly

    "As our customers are reopening their businesses, we are seeing demand for fresh credit ""But we are not disbursing fresh credit till the moratorium is over. Demand for credit is there but it will pick up further in two-three months,."

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  • Business Standard | February 1, 2021 Bangalore

    Lockdown 4.0: Normalcy returning for shadow lenders, albeit at a slow pace

    As our customers are reopening their businesses, we are seeing demand for fresh credit. But we are not disbursing fresh credit till the moratorium is over. Demand for credit is there but it will pick up further in two-three months,

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  • Live Mint | July 10, 2019 English

    Click Moment | ‘Shoulder the risk if you want to drive financial inclusion

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