Who we are

We are the leading provider of small business loans in the range of Rs. 2-25 lakhs to the manufacturing sector in India, without taking any land or property collateral.

We understand that many businesses do not have land/property to pledge or the loan need is much lower to the value of the land. We do not require your land/property to be mortgaged to us in order for you to take a loan.


Our Mission

Kinara Capital transforms lives, livelihoods and local economies by providing fast and flexible loans without property collateral to small business entrepreneurs in India.

Our Vision

Kinara Capital envisions a financially inclusive world where every entrepreneur has equal access to capital.                                                                             

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Our Core Values

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We are here to support our customers in every way possible. Our customer's growth directly impacts our growth.​

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We are self-starters. We get things done now not later.

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We are ethical. We think about the greater good and will not violate any laws for personal growth.

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We are passionate about our purpose. Our actions will encourage others to be authentic and transparent.

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We are one people. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion or any earthly description.