Zonal Legal Lead

  • Bangalore
  • Legal & Collections
  • Report to: Department Head- Legal & Collections

Job Responsibilities:


  • To handle specific Zone for legal

  • To initiate legal actions like Arbitration, Sec 138, Sec 17 repo orders, and Execution of Arbitration Awards

  • Monitor and review the Regional Legal Specialists regularly

  • Ensure timely filing of Sec 138 and Execution Petitions.

  • Execution of Sec 17 and Sec 9 repo orders and support the team for repossessing the hypothecated assets

  • To monitor and conduct Conciliation Camps regularly

  • To handle the case against the company

  • To appoint and co ordinate with legal vendors

  • Deep knowledge in Civil & Criminal laws concerning financial aspects recovery, fraud, Arbitration including on Corporate laws

  • To facilitate the provision of all the basic legal support / other necessary legal advice required from time to time by the functional department in connection with lending by the Company to the Borrowers or any other legal matters which come up in the dayto-day business operation of the Company


  • Regular visit to the Hubs

  • Review of Legal Recovery, tracking of 90+ dpd accounts

  • Regular field visits along with collection and sales team

  • Strategize for PAR reduction especially 90+ PAR accounts

  • Monitor and review the settlement of accounts happened through Conciliation Camps

  • Strategize the write off collection along with the collection team


  • Education: Degree in Law and Master degree is an added advantage

  • Work experience: 7+ years of experience

Skills & Competencies

Technical Skills

  • Drafting of legal documents

  • Deep knowledge in civil and criminal matters

  • MS Office

Soft Skills

  • Communication

  • Coordination


  • Cultivating Networks

  • Customer Focus

  • Passion for Result

  • Influence

Behavioral Traits

  • Positivity

  • Value system

  • Work ethics

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